E-juice for vaping devices can have as few as two ingredients and the number of chemicals created from vaping e-juice is less than 0.05% of that of a traditional cigarette.

E-cigarettes do not produce tar.



Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, at least 50 of which are carcinogens, several of which are poisonous.

Tar from the burning of tobacco that produces the toxic residue, the inhalation of which causes long-term damage to the lungs and contributes to emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and lung cancer. Tar is also what stains teeth, damages gums, and desensitizes the taste buds.

Vape now!

Achieve the following results.

  • Feel Free Again

    The carbon monoxide in your lungs will return to normal in 12 hours

  • Clean it up

    Your lungs will regain the ability to clean themselves within 12 weeks

  • Circulate

    Your blood circulation will improve within 3 months

  • Breathe

    Your breathing will improve and you’ll cough less within 9 months

  • Smell the roses

    Your sense of smell and taste will improve and your risk of heart attack will be cut in half within the first year

  • Save dollars

    In 2 years, a pack-a-day smoker will have saved over $5000

  • Love your heart

    In 5 years, your risk of cancer will be cut in half and your risk of heart attack will be like that of a non-smoker

Effects of Vaping

A 2012 Greek Study entitled Acute effects of using an electronic nicotine-delivery device on myocardial function: comparison with regular cigarettes: “Absence of combustion and different chemical composition, leading to less toxic chemicals created and absorbed . . . electronic cigarettes may be a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes.”

“If we get all tobacco smokers to switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, we would eventually reduce the US death toll from more than 400,000 a year to less than 4,000, maybe as low as 400.” – Dr. Joel Nitzkin

Keep vaping environmentally friendly

Over 500 million trees are cut down every year in order to make cigarettes. Cigarette butts are considered toxic and cannot be recycled. An estimated 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are thrown away each year worldwide by smokers. Vaping devices and batteries are, in most cases, recyclable and the majority of them can be used over and over again.

The Medical Organizations supporting Vaping and Electronic cigarettes (M.O.V.E.) is a large and growing group of doctors, health care professionals, and scientists who support the use of electronic cigarettes. “As physicians and health professionals we see everyday patients who are severely affected by tobacco smoking, many of whom will eventually die or have their health severely affected despite our help and advice. Tobacco smoking remains the most serious public health issue in the world.”

“People smoke for the nicotine but die from the chemicals produced when tobacco is burned. Unfortunately, currently available smoking cessation medications have limited efficacy and acceptability for the majority of smokers. However, we believe that there is a solution: the use of electronic cigarettes.”

2012 study entitled Comparison of the effects of e-cigarette vapor and cigarette smoke on indoor air quality: “For all byproducts measured, electronic cigarettes produce very small exposures relative to tobacco cigarettes. The study indicates no apparent risk to human health from e-cigarette emissions based on the compounds analyzed.”

2012 research paper entitled Levels of selected carcinogens and toxicants in vapor from electronic cigarettes: “We found that the e-cigarette vapors contained some toxic substances. The levels of the toxicants were 9–450 times lower than in cigarette smoke and were, in many cases, comparable with trace amounts found in the reference product . . . our findings are consistent with the idea that substituting tobacco cigarettes with e-cigarettes may substantially reduce exposure to selected tobacco-specific toxicants. E-cigarettes as a harm reduction strategy among smokers unwilling to quit, warrants further study.”